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A collection of middleware for AWS lambda functions.


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A middleware for AWS http lambda functions to deserialize incoming requests containing a json body.

Depending on the request payload and header the following can happen:

Please note that this middleware just provides a basic object to the handler without typing for the properties, you will need to handle validation of the request body object separately.

Lambda middleware

This middleware is part of the lambda middleware series. It can be used independently.


import { jsonDeserializer } from "@lambda-middleware/json-deserializer";
import { APIGatewayProxyEvent, APIGatewayProxyResult } from "aws-lambda";
import { APIGatewayProxyObjectEvent } from "../lib/types/APIGatewayProxyObjectEvent";

// This is your AWS handler
async function helloWorld(
  request: APIGatewayProxyObjectEvent<APIGatewayProxyEvent>
): Promise<APIGatewayProxyResult> {
  // We can simply pick out the body object from the request and use it
  const { bodyObject } = request ?? {};

  // Do something with the object and return it
  return {
    statusCode: 200,
    body: JSON.stringify({
      additionalThing: "addedInHandler",

// Wrap the handler with the middleware
export const handler = jsonDeserializer()(helloWorld);